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1. The Role of Cytochrome P450s in Insect Toxicology and Resistance.

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2. Functionally characterized arthropod pest and pollinator cytochrome P450s associated with xenobiotic metabolism.

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Educational Videos (CypTox)

Towards Safe and Selective Insecticides. Development of Safe and Selective Insecticides: current status and future advances


Educational Videos (SuperPests, DMC-MAVEC)

DMC-Malvec - Game Videos

SuperPests educational videos and quizzes in the open pedagogic platform MOODLE

SuperPests educational videos in Youtube:

E-learning unit 1A: Pesticide resistance mechanisms of arthropods- Part A 

E-learning unit 1B: Pesticide resistance mechanisms of arthropods- Part B

E-learning unit 2: Plant resistance to arthropods

E-learning unit 3: Molecular diagnostics of insecticide resistance

E-learning unit 4: Models of predator / prey / plants interactions

All videos

 Acknowledgements for SuperPests educational videos and pedagogic platform

Scientific Coordination

E-learning units 1A and 1B: MS. Tixier (SupAgro), and A. Tsakgarakou (DIMITRA)

E-learning unit 2: M. Kant (UvA)

E-learning unit 3: J. Vontas (AUA) and C. Bass (UNEXE)

E-learning unit 4: : M. Montserrat (CSIC) and M. Recker (UNEXE)

Technical Support

Julien Rose and Mathilde Cathelain, Montpellier SupAgro

Coordination and Supervision

Maria Navajas, WP7 leader

Italian subtitles kindly provided by Carla Marchiorio

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